Renovation Interiors

Interior renovation works

Our team can help you improve your interior whether it's residential or commercial.

Small or large jobs ... Our team is available to propose alternatives improving your property according to your budget.

For example, we can review the use of space by demolishing partitions and recreating new gypsum walls; proceed to draw joints and repaint the walls according to your needs.

Do you want to redo your floors? We are here to make it easy for you to install hardwood, floating or ceramic flooring.

We carry out general renovation works but also offer our services for "turnkey" projects such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Renovation of the kitchen

Would you like to start renovating your kitchen? We are at your disposal to propose a project tailored to your needs.

Whatever the desired style, we have the expertise to achieve it.

The renovation of the kitchen is one of the most profitable achievements because it not only improves the use of this room but also significantly enhance the value of the property. This is an excellent return on investment.

A well-designed kitchen, based on family habits, will increase the functionality of this room and make mealtimes more enjoyable. An important part of the house where conviviality is desired, it is worthwhile to use the services of professionals such as TIT Renovation before starting any renovation.

The design must therefore be a function of this reality. Many styles and styles of kitchen can be designed according to your tastes and your budget. There is a multitude of products and materials, some of which are at the cutting edge of technology, that can be integrated into your project.

Looking for a modern, classic, industrial, contemporary style? Whatever the style chosen, we will be able to realize it for you.

Our team is aware of the latest trends and will be able to present you with interesting avenues that you would not have thought of from the start.

More than ever, kitchen concepts come in many shapes and sizes. Add to that the possibilities of finishing, the choice of materials besides a greater range of colors under different textures and original effects.

We will make sure to deliver a professional and functional realization adapted to your needs.

Renovation of the bathroom

Like the renovation of the kitchen, the bathroom deserves special attention because it is an air of life important and busy. Here too, conviviality must be taken into consideration and meet the different needs of the family or the company in the case of a commercial renovation.

Renovating your bathroom is a winning step for sure. It will significantly increase the market value of your property and give a boost to an aging home.

One will seek in particular to give a particular atmosphere, often inspired by the popular spas where the Zen side is put in the honor. Otherwise, we will try to improve space and storage needs for the whole family to include a practical side.

In recent years, new materials have emerged for the renovation of the bathroom. Faced with certain challenges (ventilation, humidity), the bathroom must be well thought out to ensure its longevity in terms of comfort.

While some materials were outright banned in the bathroom, there are now materials representing wood that can be integrated and add a nice appearance to this room. We can also think of natural stone, glass or stainless steel as new complements and renewed aesthetics.

In addition to bringing a chic look, these new materials can give a timeless side to your room. A decoration that will go through the years increasing the impact of your investment.